Thursday, February 18, 2010

Derek's Fashion Tips

Well I Decided to blog some sort of stuff about Fashion which is the subjet that I personally really intersted in and I believe that i could help some of you who need fashion improve .

First of all ,you need to have A Must have Item in your closet which is :
1. Great Pair of Jeans
2. Cool Jacket
3. Nice Plain Shirt
4. Simple Polo T
5. V-neck T

Those 5 items on Above is what a regular guy must have

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Complicated ......Mind & Thought

It is slowly killing myself in my own mind ,blame myself being a dumbass and not enough man to make a correct decision for myself .am i really making a right decision ?!
This time i had take serious risk to face the thing that i want to make but now i starts to feels like it is a huge terrible mistakes .......... but maybe it is meant to be ?!

To stay or continue .....?! haiz it F*** UP !

I cant control myself but wants to F*** OFF Those M*therF***king Bitches ...Like F***

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dream ...

I'm sure we all have A dream about everythings in our life ,without these dreams we probably would stands for ourself that long .those desire.hope and wanted all wrab up into one dream .

We might wonder is our life become better if its like our dream ? am i making a right decision when i have the chance to choose ,did i just make a wrong pick and let the better one gone away .I always thinks something like that until today ....a episode of desperate housewives change my though and everything .

What we are making and choosing right now its actually one step closer to our funeral ,sometimes in our desperate moments ,we always had this though in our head that are we regret about the decision that we makes and cost this happen ?
but have you ever think that the decision that you make for that times its actually the best for now and forever ?!

some people loves to referring back to their pass and keep repeat the same quote and lines ,telling people how they regret about the decison that they make /didt make .and if one day the time had turn it back ,when you are making the choice that you always want .you sure is it the better one ?

stop thinking about the negative stuff and focus on the good one ,i know that the choice does gives you obstacle in your life blocking yourself in someway now but if a life is perfect then wont you think its too scripted and weird ? making mistakes but fix it back is our learning process ,each day we are growing ourself as a better human being .you probably hate what you have right now but you must remember that you also got the goods ....
if you turn the time back and those goods in your life right now wont appear in your 'dream' because those arent excist anymore because you make a wrong choice .

Dream is good but dont be too relay on it ,everybody have dreams about what they wanna be and what they wanna achieve .dreams are good but can be bad .
dont overlook that much ,dont stuck in same spot too long and dont always blame on things
if you dont like what you have then think about something else like what you could do to make the things better and not just sit there and hope the time can turn back for you to make a choice all over again !

have you ever think that you also live in a 'dream' now.its for the best for all

Monday, January 11, 2010

Man in the Mirror

You Dont need to tell
I dont need a story
You just stand infront me
I already knew how you feel
Smoke get in your eyes
Kill in my Deepest
Tell yourself stay strong
I keep it going on

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Agreed

When you are having something ,you also losing something more important in you life
When you achieve in certain level in your life ,you will miss the person you were in the past
When you want more for yourself you also starts forgot the people who love you
When you Using too much 'Hate' You will eventually become a Hater
When you starts thinks about the negative things ,positive things will go away
When you starts ingore somebody ,you might also being ingore by people who you love
When you want something so desperate ,you will doing something that isnt yourself
When you critic on somebody fault you will actually find yourself in common
When you become a bitch you will not hate yourself but you will hate those people who make you a bitch !
When you enjoy who you are right now ,you forgot how nice you used to be


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just Keep it Simple ....

I feels like Things around me whenever I grow nor I become more ,its become even more complicated and complex ,its just like a layer ,the layering tells me that i wants to discover more stuff about it ,like a mysterious movie ...

Sometimes Simple is always the best thing in mind ,dont wanna get too much ,just keep it that way and its all good ,I feels like i compare myself to other things too much ,just too much .its like everything must be a comparison ???///???/////////????

I dont even know whats i'm thinking sometimes ,feels like a no direction teenager at certain moment sometimes ,must control myself and get into the right lane in mind ,whenever i think too much those inlusion keeps spreading those disease in my brain and eat me up ,in the end of the day is myself who makes things become complicated while it can easy solve .

tells myself that always stay at the positive side ,look up to the beautiful blue sky and hope myself is like that clean and simple .minds tells me that dont care and dont compare too much and i feels that its too late ,looking back hating people in my past ,those people/friends who make who i am today which who i am love and hate myself today .

I'm soo confuse ,dont know what to do .......